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Football Volleyball Basketball
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Hockey Tennis Handball
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Boxing Weightlifting Cycling
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Wrestling Judo Taekwondo
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Shooting Ski Biathlon

CSKA (Bulgarian: ЦСКА) was a Bulgarian sports society from Sofia, Bulgaria. CSKA stands for Central Sports Club of the Army (Bulgarian: Централен Спортен Клуб на Армията). It was founded on 5 May 1948 as Septemvri pri CDV, after the unification of the two sports clubs from the city, Chavdar and Septemvri. Since then, the club changed its name several times before settling on CSKA in 1989.

The club is historically known as the Bulgarian Army sports club. Currently the sports club's departments are autonomous and are separated as of 1992. Therefore, the only connection of the departments to the Army are the historical traditions and the Bulgarian Army Stadium. Nevertheless, in the moment all of the clubs who have a connection to the sports society are incorporated into one joint society called United Sports Clubs CSKA, which is currently а successor of the previous disbanded organization.

Currently sections which belong to CSKA Sofia are football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, athletics, ice hockey, chess, gymnastics, handball, taekwondo, boxing, cycling, weightlifting, judo and rowing.


The most popular departments of the sports club are: