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This page was proposed for deletion December 2004. The discussion is archived at Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Future Imperfect.

2006 Irony[edit]

I just had to log on and notice that the plot of this episode was that 16 years have passed for Captain/Commander Rike as he wakes up to a strange future. In real life, we are now actually 16 years (almost) from when the episode was in fact produced. It is interesting to compare to how the actors actually appear today, compred to how they were made up back in 1990 to show 16 years of age. Also, how the Star Trek universe progressed over 16 years compared to the "future" Riker saw (Dominion War, Star Trek Nemesis, Data's death, etc). -Husnock 17:11, 18 February 2006 (UTC)[]