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MK2 is the new incarnation of MK. Unfortunately, this doesn't imply a new improved version; I lost my password information and was unable to retrieve it.

You still won't find any autobiographical information here.

I have no specific areas of expertise. The subjects of the entries I've worked on are usually history or pop culture.

My typical practice here is to wander about and occasionally be inspired to fill in some page that's either empty or a stub. I also often tweak spelling and grammatical errors. I also try to do my share of "janitorial" work such as fixing links.

Due to a cavalier attitude, I often work under anonymous names because I neglected to log in. If you see work by someone whose name starts with 170.215 it's probably me. I also have some work posted under from when I was between usernames.

Here's a list of some articles I've worked on:

Here's some links I'm putting here so they'll be handy for me:

Here's some outside links I use: